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Key Features to Look for in a Women’s Ice Fishing Suit

The ice fishing and fishing industry, in general, is continuously growing with more women showing interest in the sport. Isn’t that incredible? Something else that is incredible is the gear that is becoming available specifically designed for women. I am thankful to now have an ice fishing suit designed for women by women. There are currently a few options available, but if you have never researched or tried on an ice suit, you might not know what to look for.

When it comes to an ice suit, it is important to know that it will be comfortable, reliable, durable, and will help you perform successfully. Let’s be honest, you want to be sure you’re getting your money's worth. To be sure you are getting the most out of your investment there are 5 key elements to look for: flotation/warmth, durability, venting, adjustable features, and components I like to call the “extra goods.” The Women’s Prism Suit from Striker Brands includes all the features listed, which I will breakdown into more detail.

1. Flotation/Warmth

There is no doubt that flotation is a key component in ice suits now. I have also included warmth into the first feature because they should go hand in hand, in my opinion. The Prism suit does just that -with 150g of Thermadex insulation AND 150g of Sureflote flotation in the bibs and jacket, which also acts as a layer of warmth. There is no doubt this suit will keep you warm on those bone-chilling days. This suit works for all types of anglers. Whether you are someone who likes to run and gun, or you do most of your fishing in a shack or ice house—it all comes down to layering. I am the type of angler that enjoys multiple fishing styles, and I stay plenty warm with a simple base layer under my bibs and a base layer, with a hoodie, under my jacket. Typically, I take the jacket off and am still plenty warm. Yes, the suit is that warm!

2. Durability

This feature is another big one. You want to be sure it will hold up against tough conditions and last long through normal wear and tear. A suit that is waterproof and windproof is essential to keep you comfortable and warm out on the ice. I would also place “knee pads” under this feature but I will get into those details further down.

3. Venting

Venting is HUGE, especially if you are the type of angler who likes to run and gun. Sweat can be your worst enemy and ruin an ice trip quick. Look for venting through the entire suit. The Prism jacket has two large vents under both arms. The bibs have multiple zippers that zip from the bottom of the bib up past the waist, which allows as much or as little venting as needed.

4. Adjustable Features

Having an adjustable ice suit adds more value to your purchase. For example, if you’re a parent that is buying an ice suit for your growing child, you want to be sure they will fit into it for more than just a year or two. When doing your research, look for adjusting features in the bibs and jacket. One of my favorite features on the Prism bib is the adjustments that can be done to the inseam and straps. The inseam adjustments should be able to hold up against the elements – deep snow, slushy wet conditions, etc. The Prism bibs use a strong Velcro to keep the inseam adjustments in place, which I have personally put to the test in Northern Wisconsin with the 20+ inches of snow that has already accumulated. As I mentioned, the straps on the bibs adjust and are crisscross in the back to assist with keeping them comfortably in place. The jacket has adjustable wrist cuffs, multiple drawstring adjustments on the inside of the jacket, and a removable hood.

5. Extra Goods

Some features in this category are often overlooked, which is why I want to highlight a few. First, durable knee pads are incredible to have for some obvious and some not so obvious reasons. Knee pads provide much-needed support if you’re an angler that kneels often. Something that is not thought of is the extra warmth and waterproof they offer. If you are someone who kneels a lot, you will want to be sure the knee area of your bibs is padded, waterproof, and that the material is durable. The knee pads on the Prism bibs are a tough snakeskin material and are built to last. Another feature that is specific to the Prism bib and jacket is the magnetic wind flaps. Along with the zippers, the bibs have the magnetic wind flap up the entire side of the legs. The jacket offers a double wind flap to ensure the wind and other elements stay out. When I began using this suit I was instantly thrilled with this feature, because snaps can be a pain and are time consuming. One feature that is specific to women is the drop seat, which comes in handy for obvious reasons. The last “extra goods” feature I will share are zippers—specifically on bibs. I am thankful for the ability to pull my bibs on and off easily, even with my boots on. Zippers that run the entire length of your leg is incredible, especially if you do not like to put your suit on until you get to your fishing spot.

You might have noticed that I did not talk about pockets, fleece lining, or color. That is because those are the last features I will suggest looking for. Of course, having pockets in the suit is important to hold gear, tackle, a phone, etc., but several features trump this. As for color, I know some women prefer colors that are not the “traditional” gray and black, which is understandable. However, keep in mind that color is low on the priority list compared to your safety, being comfortable, staying warm, and being durable. I’ll make note that the Prism jacket currently comes in three color options and the bibs are light gray.

I hope these features will help you in choosing an ice suit that fits your needs. If you have any specific questions regarding the Prism suit or questions relating to the features I shared, please contact me via email – aliciajoyoutdoors@gmail.com or reach out on social media at the icons below.

Until next time - be safe, good luck, and enJOY your time this hard water season!

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