2019 Sportswoman

Devon Mullenbach

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Devon is an outdoor enthusiast, hunter, and angler. She grew up in a small town in Southern Minnesota and is currently living in North Central Minnesota. No matter what season it is, you will find her outside doing what she loves. She enjoys fishing year-round and hunting turkey, deer, duck, and pheasant. During the off-season, she likes to go camping, kayaking, shoot trap, and train with her pup. Overall, she loves all things outdoors and is proud to be a Sportswoman.  

Devon's passion and drive for the outdoors is incredible! She has been chosen as the first Sportswoman because of her genuine personality, drive, kindness, and she is a positive light for other outdoor women. Devon encourages others on her social media platforms and brings positivity to the outdoor community. She also has the motivation to try anything and to keep going even if she does not succeed.

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